🇺🇸 The dark Side of the Elites, a Glimpse behind the Scenes & The End of the World as we know it


Dear Friends… This Documentation shows in an impressive Way, how the material and satanic World expresses itself and evolves. The Believer in Christ may even see further than that and, if he knows the Scriptures and the Revelations of Jesus Christ, he can observe the development of the spiritual beings. Please don’t let the conclusions in the last part disturb or upset you. They are quite well done from the perspective of one, who does not yet know our Lord and God, Jesus Jehovah.

The Sequel of the Fall of the Cabal… 17-part Series

Part 1/17 … Part 2/17 … Part 3/17 … Part 4/17Part 5/17Part 6/17

Part 7/17Part 8/17 … Part 9/17Part 10/17Part 11/17


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