The Rapture is at the Door… – please leave behind these Truths from Jesus for your Loved Ones, Family, Friends and Neighbours…

Instructions for the Left Behind – PLEASE PRINT​

People will search for Answers after the Rapture – Jesus asks us therefore to print these Golden Nuggets for The Left Behind and put it clearly visible somewhere in our Home

Loveletters from Jesus - EBook Volume 1 Loveletters from Jesus - EBook Volume 2 Instructions from Jesus for the Left Behind - EBook
EN EBook - 53 Sermons from Jesus - revealed to Gottfried Mayerhofer EN EBook - Jesus reveals Secrets of Life to Gottfried Mayerhofer EN EBook - Jesus explains Deathbed-Scenes - revealed to Jakob Lorber


Jesus and the Sermon on the Mount - The Lords Prayer - Video

Jesus speaks… Sermon on the Mount and the Lords Prayer
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53 Sermons of Jesus given to Gottfried Mayerhofer jakob-lorber-PDF-in-english

PDF => 53 Sermons from Jesus
PDF => Secrets of Life

ALL PDF’s in EN => Jakob Lorber

Who is God - Who is Jehovah - Who is Jesus

EBook Loveletters from Jesus from 2015

PDF => Who is God Jesus Jehova  EBook Vol. 1 => Loveletters from Jesus
Love Letters from Jesus from 2015

Jesus gives Loving Instructions for the Left Behind... After the Rapture

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Jesus gives loving Instructions for The Left Behind. Please download EBook to your PC
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Jesus warns... Beware of the Mark of the Beast - Money - Self Reliance_or Me - You must decide Left behind in Nuclear War - In the Storm
Jesus cries out… ‘Don’t take the Mark of the Beast’ – The CHIP
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Song inspired by JESUS…
sung by Sister Clare du Bois
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Please read the Letter below regarding all Children and Babies who will be gone from this Earth in the Rapture

Trumpet Call of God Online

Trumpet Call of God - Judgment & Harvest

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Trumpet Call Letters as PDF
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=> Words of Wisdom to Live by

The Lord has spoken!
Therefore heed My words and repent,
and I may yet have mercy upon you before the time when I take back My children and
steal away all My beloved lambs.
Even from your arms and from the womb they shall be taken; I shall leave you barren and desolate…
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Worshipsongs by Terry MacAlmon

Holy are You Lord – by Terry MacAlmon Praise Him – by Terry MacAlmon
I SURRENDER ALL – by Terry MacAlmon Surely the Presence of the Lord…